Acton minicabs for the 2012 London Olympics

The Olympic clock in Trafalgar Square has started its countdown to the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. If you need a minicab to or from the Olympic park, Olympic stadium, Olympic aquatic centre, Olympic village or the Velodrome ride 2 is a licensed mini cab service for all your requirements. we have  regular cars,  multi passenger vehicles (MPVs - up to 8 passengers), eco cars, business class cars & luxury cars. Acton Minicab is a 24 hour minicab service and our minicabs are available to take you to the Olympics or collect you from the Olympics any time day or night.

The 2012 London Olympics begins on the 27th of July until the 12th of August. The 2012 London Paralympics starts on the 29th of August until the 9th of September. Ride 2 is a minicab service located in East London where the 2012 London Olympics is being held and therefore our Acton minicabs are available to take you to the Olympics or collect you from the Olympics.

An Acton Minicab operator will book your minicab to the Olympics or from the Olympics and give you the time of the driver's arrival. Once your minicab is booked you're free to concentrate on enjoying the various events at the Olympic Games. Book a minicab, at short notice or pre book in advance for a specific time for your trip to or from the Olympics and we will be there to collect you.

the 2012 London Olympics is on its way!

the 2012 Olympics is one of London's most greatly anticipated & exciting events to take place in the Capital. From the beginning of August East London will be buzzing with Londoners, visitors & Olympic competitors getting ready for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Olympic Torch will arrive in London on the on the 18th of May 2012 and from there be carried around the whole of the country before the Games commence on the 27th of August. The 2012 London Olympic Games will feature 26 sports during the whole event and the 2012 London Paralympic Games feature 20 sports. Booking a ride2 minicab will save you the stress of trying to book a minicab or hail a black taxi at the end of your enjoyable day at the Olympics along with everyone else. When it's busy a ride 2 minicab can usually be with you before a black taxi is available in the area. A minicab driver will be there to collect you, no one else can take your pre booked minicab. Another great benefit of booking a minicab is the London weather! Knowing your taxi ride to wherever is already booked means no waiting by the road side in the rain hoping for a black taxi to appear. Unlike a black taxi where charges can increase rapidly due to a traffic jam or diversion through London streets, our minicab fares are a set price to the London Olympics and from the London Olympics when booked regardless of the journey time.

Acton Minicabs Serving the 2012 London Olympics

Our minicabs are available 24 hours a day for airport transfers across London during the 2012 London Olympics. Whether viewing a specific sport at the Olympics, visiting with family, friends or colleagues we can transfer you from any airport in or around London to your hotel or directly to the Olympic Games. Our minicabs can collect you from any area of London or directly from the Olympic Games to Heathrow, city airport, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick or the London Heliport in time for your flight.

When travelling by train across the country to one of the other 2012 Olympic centres around Britain book a minicab with us and our driver will take you there in time for your departure. Whether an early morning or late night train to any of the Olympic sites we can transport you to Kings cross, London Bridge, St Pancras, Euston, Waterloo, Paddington, Victoria or any of the other smaller train lines in and around London.